Stacy Snake

Stacy Snake
  • Aliases: Brenda Wang, Stacey Snake
  • Born: 1989-04-26 (31 y.o)
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation , Saint-Petersburg
  • Height: 170 cm (66.9 inch)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121.3 lbs)

St Petersburg's model-growing Stacy Snake began her career as a porn actress in 2011 at the age of 22. Shy simple, at first sight, nevertheless, possesses beautiful and rather small features, brown eyes look shyly and even submissively, but this is a rather deceptive kind. The Russian woman is not only very passionate and even emotional during the porn play, but also internally liberated and on the whole has a fairly freedom-loving character. She searched for a suitable alias for a long time. She was both Yantar and Crystal, until she realized that there was a serpentine exposure in her character and that her bite was really poisonous in a good sense.

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