Natasha Malkova

Natasha Malkova
  • Born: 1991-01-22 (29 y.o)
  • Birthplace: United States , Sacramento
  • Height: 154 cm (60.6 inch)
  • Weight: 48 kg (105.8 lbs)

Natasha Malkova is a porn star with Russian roots, but was born in Sacramento USA on January 25, 1991. Her career in porn business began in 2012, where she came on the recommendation of his girlfriend. It is noteworthy that the younger brother of the girl also works in the field of porn industry. This is not an ordinary porn model, but a well-deserved actress of this genre. Few of her colleagues can boast such popularity. In 2013 she received two awards in the nominations for the best starlet and the best solo of sex. It is difficult to list all awards of the actress, but only in 2014 the long-haired brown-haired woman was presented to awards more than ten times in almost all nominations.

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