anita bellini

anita bellini
  • Aliases: Anita Berlusconi, Anita Luv, Angie Kitt, Anita B, Anita Bealusconi, Anita Bersluconi, Anita D, Anita Kis, Anita S, Aya
  • Born: 1994-11-28 (25 y.o)
  • Birthplace: Hungary , Debrecen
  • Height: 150 cm (59.1 inch)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99.2 lbs)

This, in fact, still quite a young girl, began her career at the age of 19 years. Looking at her young elastic body, neat, proportionate breasts, elastic hemispheres of the buttocks and slender legs, it is impossible to foresee what kind of things this doll does on the screen. A hot chick loves to fuck, and does it rudely and in full. It is the scenes of double and triple penetration that succeed Bellini best, because she loves to feel the male members and enjoys this process with undisguised pleasure.

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