Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox
  • Born: 1995-09-25 (24 y.o)
  • Birthplace: United States , Milwaukee
  • Height: 171 cm (67.3 inch)
  • Weight: 58 kg (127.9 lbs)

It is worth noting that Aidra Fox's ass does not feel so unapproachable and in the pleasures with the girls boldly allows them to do with her pretty lewd things, and in the last year, having increased the degree of her debauchery, she has passed on to full penetration from the members. To keep her figure always in proper shape and stay as slender as she is, she pays a lot of time doing yoga, which also allows her to be extraordinarily flexible. Also, in her free time, the girl often goes to night clubs, where she breaks away with her friends, drinking and dancing.

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